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Cremation Services - $2675.00

Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home offers Direct Cremation Services or a more Traditional Service with Cremation.  Some families choose to opt out of the traditional visitation and services.   Without the cost of embalming, casket, burial and other items associated with a more traditional funeral service, Direct Cremation offers families a more affordable option, streamlined option. Other families choose a the Traditional Visitation, Funeral or Farewell Crememony with Cremation.  Some families would prefer something in between.  Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home is a full service funeral home that offers arrangements to meet your needs. 

Consigli Ruggerio will pick up your loved one, hold them for 48 hours, complete the cremation, and return the cremains to you.   During the 48 hour hold, family members are allowed to come in and say their final good byes, if they choose.

  • Pick up of loved one
  • Hold loved one for 48 hours
  • Cremation
  • Ashes returned to you
  • You may provide an Urn for the cremains, or they can returned to you in our standard packaging
  • Death Certificate, Notification to VA, if applicable

After Cremation

When the cremation is complete, you are welcome to pick up the cremains.  You may provide your own Urn, purchase an Urn from us, or opt for our standard packaging for the cremains.  Additionally, if you choose not to have the cremains returned to you, we can resepctfully dispose of them for you.  Cremains can be sent to you via Priority Mail for an additional charge. 

Some families opt to keep the cremains while others wish to spread ashes in a place, on land or over the water, that was significant to their loved one. 


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