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Pre-Arrangement Services

Do you believe that funeral arrangements should be made in advance rather than leave important decisions to be made under emotional stress? We at Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home do...as do the thousands of Families who have taken the time to prearrange their funerals.

An important part of estate planning is the preplanning of your funeral. Who knows better what you would have in way of your funeral? Inquiring before the need arises provides the opportunity to compare services, caskets and costs, under circumstances free of a sense of urgency. The advantages of having had all funeral arrangements made in advance are most appreciated when the death occurs.

We at the Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home believe that it is in your best interests to consider pre-arrangement of funeral plans and respectfully suggest that you come to the office where pre-arrangement may be discussed calmly, in confidence and without obligation. Based upon the response from families served, it has been our experience that it has proven to be in the best interest of the next of kin to have prearranged the funeral.

Why should I preplan?

Pre-arranging is a responsible and loving way to express your wishes, lessening the burden to your loved ones. After selecting a funeral director the next sensible step is to pre-arrange the service. People do this to be helpful to their families and loved ones and possibly even to avoid questions and uncertainties later on.

How do I preplan?

First, given that your funeral will most directly affect your family, including their suggestions in your plans can be helpful.

Second, would be to set up a consultation with us and your family members, to communicate what you feel are the proper arrangements for your funeral.

Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home has the proper forms needed for making these arrangements. We will keep a copy of these forms on file and you should also. Review and update them periodically, as you see fit. Being that this arrangement is pre-planned, you are in charge, which should be of some comfort to you.

In order to design the specific kind of service you desire based on today's prices, pre-arrangement is the choice many people make to ease the potential financial burden on family members.

In some circumstances, prepayment could entitle you to a discount on the entire funeral cost. When you prepay for your arrangements with Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home, you can freeze the cost at today's prices. As funeral costs increase over the years, the earning will offset any inflation.

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We are available 24/7 for your immediate need. Please call 508-473-0513

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